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Lotto filmer för webben

Written by on 19th November 2011 in Våra nyheter with 0 Comments

Under hösten har Veranda Film gjort ett antal filmer för Svenska Spel i en satsning på webben. Det är favoriter i repris med vinnarambassadören Pierre Jonsson. Vi gjorde även en serie som handlar om människor med starka drömmar – under serien Alla Har vi Drömmar. De senaste filmades av Jesper Karlsson och Pernilla Olsson. Grafiken är gjord av Anna Oddbjörn. Här en film om två familjer som skaffat kameler och nu drömmer om att rida karavan runt Mälaren.

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Där finns även filmer om hur Lotto fungerar eller en resa till Vinnarrummet.

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A good 2010 and an even better 2011

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So time to sum up the last year.

First I am thinking about the two Lottery shows that was revamped during 2010, Lotto and Keno. They are really doing a better job marketing the game and branding the company, Svenska Spel.

We also wrote newsletters for Stockholm Business Region and their yearly report, and we hope that our contribution makes them easy to read, interesting and good marketing for SBR.

Several small projects such as films for SKL and Open Text were returning to us for more films, and the last batch for SKL Modellområden resulted in six web films.

But most important is our own product development and pitching that will result in our own production next year. Hopefully several interesting projects wil be realised. More to come on the blog.

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International Pitch lectures and lots of Lotto

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Summer is a time to develop and prepare for the autumn sales tour and in June Patrik went to Mallorca to give a lecture on Pitching for members of the Sparks Network. You can see more about the pitch lectures in this short film.

Mister Pitch from Patrik Hambraeus on Vimeo.

It was well received and exciting to meet new members in the Sparks family, Spain, Germany, Japan and Belgium. In August Patrik will go to Berlin to give a two-day workshop with Schwartzkopff-TV in How to Pitch.

For the Swedish Lotto show Veranda Film produce the very popular Folk Lotto, where everyday people read the Lottery numbers each Wednesday and Saturday. This summer we filmed people reading (or rather screaming) numbers in attractions at the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm for the TV 4 show Sommarkrysset. See the shows here.
We will also continue the series of visiting international Lottery shows and show short clips from them on the Swedish Lotto Show. Earlier this year we produced a segment from the lottery show in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and first week of August we are filming at the National Lottery Show in United Kingdom.

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